What We Do

There is more value in preparing for the future than measuring the past. Noble & Associates is able to deliver a unique set of forecasting, modelling & performance measurement services using our Accounts1 platform.


Purpose built, near real-time analysis via graphs, gauges and information designed to provide you with an overview of your business operation. We deliver these dashboard services via our Accounts1 platform to you and your team across the internet using the data in your existing applications.

XBRL Consulting & Systems

Extensible Business Reporting Language encapsulates the future of financial reporting and business information transmission. Noble & Associates was a pioneer in this space & was instrumental in bringing LodgeIT to the market. We’ve invested significant time and resources into building our knowledge in this area and can provide your business or financial project with knowledgeable XBRL consulting and integration services.

Data Extraction & Transformation

Most accounting systems are designed for data processing, not data reporting. To take maximum advantage of our dashboard solutions we can develop and implement a full data extraction and transformation system.

With our XBRL database we are able to deliver some of the most powerful analytical systems available.


When it comes to valuations we use the Discounted Net Present Value (NPV) method, the tried & tested method used by serious analysts.

We use capitalised earnings ratios for comparison purposes in situations where comparable capitalisation rates are available.

Budgeting & Forecasting

A good budget is an essential management and planning tool in any business. It allows us to set financial targets and measure performance.

As with management accounting, financiers are now looking at their relationships with clients with a long term view, and as such, view budgets and forecasts as an essential part of assessing current and future finance applications.

The techniques we utilize in the formation of financial projections will allow you to consider future scenarios and give you goals to strive for in your business. There are many types of budgets and we can help you design the right budget for your needs and requirements.

Let us show you how a budget is able to provide feedback to allow you to prepare for the future of your business.